Automated horse racing bets

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How it works

Following our bets could not be easier. No need to chase bookmaker prices or worry about account restrictions with our fully automated bets. Once your subscription has been activated just sit back and watch the winnings roll in. You remain in full control of stakes and can stop following whenever you want with just a click

Getting started

To follow our bets all you need is a BetJet Cloud and a Betfair account. No need for a VPS or complicated software. BetJet Cloud is a Betfair verified web app that is connected to Betfair's API so it can place your bets directly for you, saving you the hassle. It can be accessed anywhere from your smart phone/tablet/computer via your web browser so you can keep an eye on your bets wherever you are

What does it cost

We are so confident that we will make you money that we operate on a profit share basis. Simply send us 25% of your winnings from following our bets every month. If you make a loss this will be rolled over and deducted from future winnings. We don't make any money if you don't, couldn't be fairer than that!

In addition you'll need a subscription with BetJet Cloud for access to automatically following our bets which costs just £12.50 per month. We will send you an access code which will enable you to subscribe once you have agreed to our terms.

Want to know more

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